Pretego (TM) supports the growth and health of shrimp, salmon, other aquaculture species and animals by supporting the digestive and immune systems
Pretego (TM)  promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, and can be used in synbiotic formulations with specific probiotics to support health
Shrimp Growth with MOS

Pretego (TM) provides a superior growth rate and Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) compared to yeast MOS/mannan

MOS Prebiotic Growth

Pretego (TM) effectively and selectively promotes the growth of L. reuteri and other probiotics. No growth is observed on yeast MOS/mannan

Pretego (TM) increased mucosal fold length in Atlantic Salmon. This correlates to increased nutrient absorption and growth

Pretego (TM) increased Goblet Cell Counts in the intestine and skin of Atlantic Salmon. A higher goblet cell count is related to the integrity of the mucosal layer, supporting immune system function