Our Solution


  • Shrimp producers may lose up to 70% of their harvest due to poor shrimp health and infections that cause premature mortality

  • ~15% premature mortality of salmon – a $4 billion per year loss to producers

  • Over $10 billion per year in losses by aquaculture producers due to infections that reduce growth and lead to premature mortality

  • 500 million people are affected by severe or recurrent intestinal and urinary tract infections every year, costing $75 billion to treat

  • Antibiotics are not a sustainable solution – natural and sustainable alternatives are urgently needed

The Solution is Pretego (TM)

  • We produce a natural, sustainable prebiotic from coconut residues

  • Our product, Pretego (TM), supports the digestive and immune systems, promoting health in humans, in salmon and shrimp aquaculture, livestock, poultry, and pets

  • Pretego (TM) supports the growth of specific beneficial bacteria, including various strains of Lactobacillus spp. and Bifidobacteria spp.

  • Our unique, proprietary process produces the only high purity and 100% soluble mannooligosaccharide-rich prebiotic, delivering superior benefits in all markets

“Antimicrobial resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today”

World Health Organization